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Amanda Slavin
What Would I Tell My Younger Self?

The question I’m asked most often as an entrepreneur is some variant of “what..

Amanda Slavin
What I've Learned From Returning to Work During a Pandemic

Before giving birth, a lot of my friends recommended I put together a birth..

Amanda Slavin
Reflections on Maternity Leave: How I’ll Approach the Next Few Months

CatalystCreativ co-founder and CEO Amanda Slavin gave birth to a happy, healthy..

Amanda Slavin
Defining Your Mission Statement

To achieve lasting success, businesses need to build meaningful connections..

Amanda Slavin
Four Things I Learned From Writing My Book
Writing about something you care so deeply about presents its own challenges


Amanda Slavin
What Weddings Can Teach Us About Engagement

It’s May, and while that hopefully means the arrival of the month’s eponymous..

Amanda Slavin
10 Tough Lessons I learned about Becoming An Entrepreneur

There are a lot of awesome things about going to work for yourself. You make..

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