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4 Things to Know about Generation Z


There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Generation Z while scrolling through news on up-and-coming trends. They’re the group right behind Millennials and were born between 1997-2003. Even as Millennials continue to dominate the U.S. workforce, the research shows Generation Z will outnumber Millennials by 2019.  

If you’re not already related to one, you will work with or even hire one soon enough. It’s important for your brand or business to know who they are and what matters to them because this generation has already made their voices loud and clear — they’re determined, conscientious, and competitive.

So, what’s to know?

1. Generation Z does not know a world without Google.

Gen Z’ers are the first generation who are true digital natives. They grew up around touchscreen technology and early voice-controlled electronics. Even when it comes to smartphones, 95% of teens report they have one or access to one. Studies also show that 45% of Gen Z teens now say that they are online on a near-constant basis.

2. Which has made them better at multitasking.

This group grew up using personal laptops provided by their school and then conducted research at home using a tablet while watching TV while intermittently responding to different group chats on their phone. Generation Z’ers are multitasking wizards who will ultimately get the job done. 

3. They’re hustlers.

They have a strong self-starter mentality, with over half (52%) admitting that they already have a passion project on the side, with 59% of those polled saying they are hoping to turn this into their main income stream in the next year. Gen Zers who are freelance writers and bloggers lead the way in side hustles (33%), followed by running themed social media accounts (23%) and vlogging (23%). (Source

With these passion projects and side hustles, this generation holds value-driven experiences in the highest regard. If you’re lucky and really connect with them, they’ll snap a million photos or create a fun 30-second video about it that you can add to your content library!

4. Relatability is key.

Gen Z are drawn to stories they can relate to and seek more interactive and personalized ways to shop. They’re tired of being sold to and can see it from a mile away. Even though they don’t hold as much expendable income, they do have buying power in the home. A one-time ad isn’t going to sway their opinion about you or your product - Generation Z are looking for deep, meaningful connections with brands that align with their personal values and beliefs.  

The world around us is constantly changing. We not only have a lot to look forward to, but also a lot to learn about the cohort of individuals who are shaping nearly everything about our day-to-day. Keeping these traits in mind and having some shared perspective could help you welcome Generation Z into different parts of your life.

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