Defining Engagement

We talk about engagement all the time—we figure we might as well clearly define what it is we're talking about!

Let's face it. In modern marketing lingo, "engagement" is a bit of a buzzword. It's taken on so many different meanings to so many different organizations that it can become almost stripped of any meaning at all!

We recognize that. But we also believe that engagement—in its purest form, which we'll define shortly—has the power to transform the way people interact with brands, each other, and even themselves. 

So when we talk about engagement within the context of our Seventh Level Engagement Framework, here's what we mean:




Authentic, meaningful human connection that leads to the granting of time and attention on the part of an audience

Once you begin to view engagement through this lens—rather than the conventional, marketing-forward perspective of "likes" and shares and comments—you can start to really evaluate your own efforts at connecting with your audience!


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