How to Write Your Brand's Seventh Level Statement

The Seventh Level

It’s not easy to distill your entire essence into a sentence or phrase. But how can you expect people to connect with you if you aren’t able to clearly articulate what you stand for?


When your company sells a product or provides a service to a customer, what do you want your customers to feel?


Suppose you’re a hairstylist in SoHo. You give people haircuts, and want them to feel confident and that they are expressing themselves when they walk out of your shop and out into one of the most bustling, stylish neighborhoods on earth.

When we do a haircut and style for a client, we want them to feel confident and self-expressive.

Your Seventh Level Statement wouldn’t be: “We believe everyone needs to get haircuts.” That’s a statement of what you do—not your personal values and beliefs.

It would be something more like: “We believe everyone deserves to feel confident, look their best, and express who they are to the world.”

Because that’s ultimately what motivates you to do what you do.

Go ahead and try it yourself, using this handy tool.

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