How to Write Your Personal Seventh Level Statement

The Seventh Level

It’s not easy to distill your entire personal essence into a sentence or phrase. But how can you expect people to connect with what you’re all about, if you aren’t even sure what that is yourself?


As you navigate your way through life, what is it you want to impart on the world? What do you think matters most?


Suppose you’re a mother, a businesswoman, and an avid yogi. You love your family, want your business to make an impact and be profitable, and you enjoy a good meditative workout.

When I am working, parenting, or taking a yoga class, I want to be confident, caring, present, and purposeful.

Your Seventh Level Statement wouldn’t be: “I believe in families, commerce, and exercise.” That’s a statement of what you do—not your personal values and beliefs.

It would be something more like: “I believe in leading a balanced life, passionately and conscientiously.”

Because that’s ultimately what motivates you to do what you do.

Go ahead and try it yourself, using this handy tool.

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