What a Memorable, Engaging and Authentic Digital Experience Looks Like

We gathered a group of dads together with one goal in mind: create a space where support, discussion, and vulnerability are all encouraged. Here's a look at the candid conversation that ensued.

Ahead of Father's Day—with help from our friends at Pipette and Happiest Baby—we (virtually) sat down with a diverse group of fathers for a conversation about what it means to be a dad today.

These men discussed their unique struggles while juggling parenting, marriage, and careers, opened up about their experiences as new dads, and shared the lessons they want to teach their children. For most, it was the first chance they’ve had to feel support and accountability from a community of other dads. Here's a glimpse at the inspiring conversation that ensued.


Together, we hope to inspire more men to raise their children with vulnerability and compassion, and create change where it is needed. And that change starts with us.

Interested in hosting a similarly captivating digital experience that centers your brand while celebrating your audience and community? Reach out to us—we'd love to work together!

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