New Approaches to Employee Engagement

The Seventh Level


Just how engaged are your employees?

It’s not always abundantly clear, even to the most dialed-in leaders, and your closeness to the situation can cloud your interpretation of staff’s perception of your organization. Sometimes it pays to bring in a fresh set of eyes—and it’s especially valuable when that outsider perspective comes via engagement specialists!

Our Internal Employee Engagement Study, a unique package of services that leverages the Seventh Level Engagement Framework, is centered around an in-depth qualitative analysis of employee engagement. Based on the findings of this thorough investigation, we’ll develop a customized, actionable roadmap to improve how you engage with your staff. Not only are engaged employees more productive and happy, they’re also your biggest advocates—you can’t afford to ignore employee disengagement.

Want to find out more about this package, to see if it’s the right fit for your organizational needs? Fill out a form here, or at the bottom of this page.

Alternative Approaches to Internal Engagement

CatalystCreativ CEO and creator of the Seventh Level Engagement Framework, Amanda Slavin, was asked to speak at INBOUND19—a Boston-based, global gathering of marketers and sales professionals hosted annually by Hubspot. Watch the video of her talk to learn from Amanda how the Seventh Level can be applied to improving employee engagement, as well as why achieving this is so important to success in business.

In this talk, you’ll find out more about how thinking outside of the box can improve employee engagement. (Reorganizing the way your company operates structurally can make a big impact on how employees connect to their colleagues and roles.)

Discover why something seemingly minor like providing an opportunity for employees to bring them full selves to work can pay off in a big way. (Even something small like a weekly meeting where team members can talk about their weekends can work!)

And unpack the benefits of giving your employees more responsibility and ownership over their work. (They will rise to the challenge, and they will feel more invested in the outcome!)

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