How Engagement Matters in Recruiting and Retention

It's Not Enough To Attract Top Talent—You've Got To Keep It!

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Our team can help you create a clear, actionable, Engagement Success Roadmap to do just that. With two options to choose from depending on your team size and desired workshop duration, we offer options for every business attempting to more deeply engage with its customers, or potential employees. Our engagement specialists will work with you to evaluate current methods, assess opportunities for improvement across the seven levels, and leave you with an actionable plan of attack going forward. 

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Your Employees Are Your Internal Customers

Most talk around engagement focuses on customers. So what does engagement have to do with recruiting? Think of your employees are your internal customers.

CatalystCreativ CEO and creator of the Seventh Level Engagement Framework, Amanda Slavin, recently sat down and recorded a webinar for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, a leading professional organization serving the global community of outsourced recruiters. Watch the video of her presentation to learn how the Seventh Level can be applied to improving employee recruitment and retention.

Even if you haven't thought of staff as internal customers before, if you work in the industry, you’ve probably long considered recruitment a form of sales or marketing. And perhaps you view employee retention as a continuation of this process. But as the nature of work has shifted over the past 20 years, so too have the demands of prospective and current employees. What are you doing to attract, connect with, and further engage your staff?

That’s where the Seventh Level can provide a new perspective and a give recruiting professionals an enhanced methodology for ensuring every step of engagement—from applicant to long-tenured employee—is being satisfied.

Give the webinar a watch to discover new approaches to discovering, getting the attention of, and keeping happy top talent for your organizations. The way the world works is in a state of flux—why shouldn’t the way we hire and retain talent evolve with it?

Here is the link to the video too:

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