Introducing The Seven Minute, Seventh Level Checklist

Aley Allen

One of the things we love best about our Seventh Level Engagement Framework is its versatility. It can be used to evaluate engagement problems in various ways, and is equally effective when applied to the biggest or smallest issues you might be facing. The outcome is always the same: a roadmap for reaching the highest level of engagement with whoever your audience might be. 

Whether you’re sending an email, building a marketing campaign, giving a speech, meeting with a client, or even having dinner with your spouse, being able to both tailor your messaging and interpret your audience’s response into a level of engagement, is incalculably valuable. 

Because ultimately, we are all humans attempting to connect with other humans, and fostering deeper engagement is the foundation for all meaningful human connection. That’s exactly what the Seventh Level Framework helps you accomplish.

However, applying the Framework to build an engagement roadmap—if you haven’t before—can seem daunting. We’ve been there! So that’s why we came up with this handy checklist to simplify and expedite the process. In reality, it shouldn’t take more than seven minutes to run through the levels of engagement to make sure you’re covering all your bases for smaller, simpler applications of the Framework. 

Need a quick refresher on the Framework itself? We've got you covered!

(Print it out, keep it on your desktop, or as a note in your phone. It will come in handy!)

LinkedIn Checklist

Of course, the Seventh Level Engagement Framework can do so much more than this, but at its most basic level, this checklist is a great way to ensure you’re making every attempt to capture your audience's attention. It’s an easy way to check yourself before you send that email blast, launch that ad, or kick off your sales meeting.

We’ve spent a ton of time and energy working on and building the training materials for the Seventh Level Engagement Framework, so users can learn how to apply it to their businesses in the most comprehensive way possible. But the reality is, even employing a simplified version of the Framework can prove an effective way to make your messaging as engaging as possible for your intended audience.

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