Building a Beautiful, Impactful Dinner

See how an intimate, engaging dinner can help your brand connect with its audience


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with our client, Speakfully—an HR-and-employee aiding documentation and support platform aimed at eradicating workplace mistreatment. Helping this young brand promote its important and powerful mission has proved extremely challenging, rewarding, and fun.

So when Speakfully decided to punctuate its launch in a big, meaningful, and extremely human way, we jumped on the chance to plan something special. The outcome was two intimate dinners—one in San Francisco, and one in New York City—that would allow the Speakfully team to connect with the inspiring women who comprise the community that is Speakfully’s user base.

For these events, we set out to foster a warm, engaging, and inviting environment, so that the Speakfully team could engage with guests, and make them feel comfortable opening up and sharing their thoughts and experiences pertaining to what it means to be heard in the workplace. The result was two beautiful, unforgettable evenings that centered Speakfully’s mission around the people who live it, and allowed them to uniquely engage with the brand.

You can check out photos from the dinners below:


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