What is a Seventh Level Statement?

The Seventh Level

When first beginning to utilize the Seventh Level Engagement Framework, it’s crucial that you start with your Seventh Level Statement.

This may feel counterintuitive—beginning at the top, and conceptually—but it’s what allows you to navigate the lower levels of engagement through the lens of your desired, seventh level outcome. With your eyes on the prize, you’re better able to theorize the necessary steps to reach it.

Your Seventh Level Statement is akin to many companies’ mission statements, but it’s not enough to spout off what you offer to customers in a practical sense. You need to clearly and concisely convey your core beliefs and values—what motivates you to do what you do.

For example, take the direct-to-consumer mattress company Casper. Its Seventh Level Statement is: “We believe sleep is the superpower that charges everything people do.” It gets to the bottom of what Casper is all about—they may sell mattresses, but those mattresses are a means to an end, namely, to help people sleep better and live a more fulfilling life as a result.

Writing a Seventh Level Statement can also be useful for individuals looking to engage more intimately with every aspect of their lives.

Click below to find out how to write your own Seventh Level Statement:

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How to Write Your PERSONAL Seventh Level Statement

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