What We Can Learn From Direct-to-Consumer and Retail Companies

Consumer brands and retailers tend to have their finger on the pulse of consumer behavior before the rest of us—here's what they're seeing.

We hope you joined us for our conversation on direct-to-consumer and retail trends with Audrey Leibovich (CEO @ SiO Beauty), Lindsey Johnson (Co-Founder & CEO @ Weezie Towels), and Chris Pomponi (Director of Business Development @ Ernest Research). This might have been our most informative Coffee Chat yet, so in case you missed it, we highly encourage you to give the entire session a listen. (Even if you were on the call, we don't blame you if you want to double back and listen to parts of it again, either.)

You can check out the full recording here.

We touched on topics ranging from strategies savvy retailers are taking right now to stay ahead of the COVID-19 chaos, to marketing tactics that are actually more effective than usual right now, to the importance of interacting and engaging with your customers, even if they won't be walking through your door anytime soon.

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April 29



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