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Why Prioritize Customer Engagement?

Simply put, your customers have countless options—if you don't prioritize them, they won't stay your customer!

It's not often our own Amanda Slavin has the chance to chat about engagement with somebody as well-versed in it as she is, so we knew when Scott Gould agreed to join us for a Coffee Chat with Amanda, we'd all be in for a treat.

Suffice to say, they didn't disappoint! Amanda and Scott are both authors of best-selling books on engagement (check out Amanda's The Seventh Level and Scott's The Shape of Engagement) and graciously shared their encyclopedic knowledge on connecting with customers during part two of our two-part Coffee Chat engagement series.

You can check out the full recording of their conversation—which touched on just why meaningful engagement is essential to a thriving business, how social media does or doesn't factor into that equation, and so much more—here.

We hope you'll join us for our next Coffee Chat, but until then, you can check out recordings from other past Coffee Chats here! 

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